18 April 2009

Dynamic Capabilities in Construction -- Interim Results for the 2009 Survey on Indonesian Construction Firms

I’m conducting a research survey as a part of my Ph.D study to elicit critical comments and feedback from Indonesian large construction firms regarding to their dynamic capabilities and industry specific factors that contribute business success in Indonesia.

The research is based on the Dynamic Capabilities Framework (Teece, D.J., 1994/1997 ; 2007/2009) and Five Forces Framework (Porter, M.E., 1985)


10 April 2009 – This summary was prepared for the 31 March 2009 online based result only, the paper based versions were not included and the result given here is now outdated

Please contact me on +61 402155808 or email if you would like more information or a copy of research results.

Thanks, M. Sapri Pamulu

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